Program Overview

Urgent Orthopedic Program was established to provide the best surgical services to U.S. athletes and other members of the U.S. Olympic Committee delegation.

Urgent Orthopedic Program - Beijing 2008 posterThe challenges facing the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) at the 2008 Olympic Games were unique given the selection of China as the first developing Asian country to host the Olympic Games.

Strategic Outpatient Solutions (SOS) recognized the formidable issues the USOC faced medically and offered the USOC a new approach to providing emergency care for U.S. athletes overseas. The result was a new emergency orthopedic program providing medical support for the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team in Beijing, China. As the creator and developer of the urgent orthopedic program (the “Program”) SOS proudly managed the Program as the Official Provider of Emergency Orthopedic Surgical Services of the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team. The Program’s success was due to the world class team SOS assembled who sparkled in their inaugural debut.

The Program gave the United States Olympic Committee the confidence and comfort of knowing that the best surgical services in the world were available to U.S. athletes and other members of the USOC delegation in the event emergency orthopedic surgical intervention was needed at the 2008 Olympic Games. The Program also did its part to live up to the Olympic ideals by sponsoring a free lecture series for the local Chinese medical community giving our stellar surgical team the opportunity to share their knowledge and get to know their international colleagues.

The Team Players

Urgent Orthopedic Team MembersWhile the logistical issues were daunting, years of planning and attention to detail led to success. We assembled an elite surgical team consisting of four world class sports medicine surgeons, a highly trained surgical technician and our Chief Medical Officer who served as our USOC medical liaison. Our entire team was on call in Beijing for Team USA throughout the Olympic Games.

The surgical team included Dr. James Andrews, Dr. Neal ElAttrache, Dr. Jeffrey Guy, and Dr. James Dettling.  Our Chief Medical Officer was Dr. David Joyner (former USOC Chief Medical Officer). We also brought over Tito Drakeford, a highly experienced surgical technician from the Hudson Crossing Surgery Center in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Meet the Players